Would you know what to do if you tried to start your car and all you heard was a clicking sound? Everybody should be prepared to deal with a dead battery, and this guide from our Jaguar service center offers the tips you need.

Always Travel with Jumper Cables

Do you have jumper cables in your car? If not, you’ll want to fix that immediately, as they are vital for getting your battery jumped. As long as there is a working vehicle on hand, you should be able to get your car started fairly easily.

Make the Right Connections

Once the car with the working battery is moved close to yours, then it’s just a matter of attaching the cables to the right spots. First, take a red clip and connect it to the positive terminal on the dead battery. Next, take the other red clip and do the same for the working battery. Now, attach the black clip to the negative terminal on the working battery. Finally, take the other black clip and connect it to the hood strut or other unpainted surface away from the dead battery.

Start Your Engines

Once the cables are where they need to be, start the car with the working battery. Keep it running for a few minutes and then turn on the other car. It should start without a lot of trouble. If it doesn’t, check to see that the cables are in the right places. Once the dead battery has come back to life, keep the car running for at least 20 minutes.

Schedule Battery Service at Jaguar Jacksonville

When was the last time you had your battery checked? It could be time for maintenance or a replacement. To schedule a battery test, make an appointment with the service center at Jaguar Jacksonville today!

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